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Company "StroyKrepezh" produces aluminum, duralumin, brass and copper fasteners in accordance with GOST

and TU, produce parts of high complexity and precision CNC customer's drawings.

We supply fasteners and hardware for construction, food, industry,

as well as commercial entities of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Belarus.


Aluminum fasteners and hardware  Brass fasteners and hardware
Aluminum screws Brass screws
Aluminum bolts    Brass bolts 
Aluminum nuts     Brass nuts
Aluminum rivets    Brass rivets 
Copper fasteners and hardware  

Stainless steel fasteners and hardware

Copper screws    Stainless steel screws  bolts
Copper bolts   Stainless steel bolts
Copper nuts     Stainless steel nuts
Copper rivets    Stainless steel rivets
Титановый крепёж и метизы  


Titanium screws      Titanium bolts


This fixture has a high anti-corrosion resistance, durability and reliability of fixing

compounds, a significant period of operation in different climatic conditions, attractive appearance.

Our regular customers can expect favorable conditions for the acquisition of fasteners received

additional discounts or preferential terms of payment.